Addding patient category

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You can create as many patient categories you want to group patients or to add discounts automatically based on the category.

To set up & update your profile, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your kulcare account
  2. Select ‘Manage my Practice’
  3. Go to Settings -> Clinic Settings -> Patient Categories.
  4. Click on the “Add Category” button.
  5. Add the Category Name and Description
  6. If you want to apply the discounts then select one fo the below options, else select “No discounts applicable”
    1. Apply to all services – If the discount is to be applied to all the services that you have entered in the settings.
    2. Apply to specific services – If you want to apply discounts to only a few specific services. You can use this option to add different discounts to different services.
  7. If you want to automatically assign the categories to patients when you add them to the queue then select an age range or the gender or both.
  8. Click ‘Save’ when done.

See how to assign categories here.

See how to apply category discounts here.

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