Analyzing your financial performance

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kulcare helps you analyze the financial performance of your clinic, to understand your most frequent services, your payments collected, the medium of collection, your overall revenue among other metrics for a period ranging from a day to a year.

Visit Business section of kulcare to understand how your clinic is performing
The Business section is not visible to staff

You can see a list of all the Services offered, Payments received and Bills Generated by selecting a period. By default, the screen shows daily stats when first visited.

Here is a list of frequently used terms and their meaning:

  1. Total Revenue: The total amount for services provided by the clinic in a certain period.
  2. Billed Amount: The total amount for which bills have been generated in a certain period. This will always be less than or equal to Total Revenue
  3. Amount Received: The payments actually received against services provided in a certain period. This includes any advance payments.
  4. Amount Pending: The payments pending for collection in a certain period.
  5. Service Unbilled: A service which is yet to be added to a bill. These services are open for editing & deletion.
  6. Service Billed: A service which has been added to a bill. These services are locked for editing or deletion.
  7. Service Unpaid: A service against which a payment has not yet been collected
  8. Service Partially Paid: A service against which partial payment has been collected, and some amount is pending
  9. Service Paid: A service against which no payment is due.
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