Delete a Bill

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To remove a bill already generated, follow the steps below:

  1. Click ‘Patients‘ on the left menu
  2. Locate the patient whose bill is to be deleted
  3. Click on the Patient’s name
  4. You are now taken to Billing screen for the patient
  5. Go to the Bills Generated section
  6. The screen shows a list of all the bills generated, ordered by date
  7. Click on the remove icon for the bill you wish to remove
  8. On the confirmation dialog, provide a reason for deleting the bill and click ‘Delete Bill’
Removing a bill will not delete any services associated with the bill. The services will be unlocked and can be used to generate another bill. [/mkb-warning]

[mkb-info] The delete reason is kept on record for audit purposes. An audit log of deleted items can be seen by the clinic owner

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