Features of kulcare

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kulcare helps doctors to run their clinical practice easily & efficiently. kulcare is an ideal partner to manage your daily OPD, patient workflow, prescriptions & billing so you can focus on what really matters – delivering a great patient experience. See a list of some of our features below:


The queue shows an overview of your practice, and acts like your daily register. It records each patient coming in, whether they have a prior appointment or walked in, and organises all patients in the order in which they need to be attended & visit the doctors. The queue helps you bring order to the chaos of managing a practice, and keeps patients updated about their status, so they can plan their visits, have lower waiting times, get continuous updates & have a great experience. To know more about using Queue, see here


kulcare will help you book patients in advance, so you can allocate your time, plan your schedule & know your workload. Set the follow up visit & we will remind patients before its time to visit you, to keep them on track to their health. To know more about managing appointments with kulcare, see here.


Our Business feature ensures that you run your practice most efficiently and stay on top of revenue collections, bills and performance. Analyse how you’re doing, breakdown of your payments and profits, and see insights into how you can improve your performance. To know more, see here.


Writing & sharing digital prescriptions is now super easy. With kulcare, you can go 100% digital and issue prescriptions online, delivered straight to your patients. Save paper, time & effort. Prescriptions can be accessed anytime, so you have a complete history of the patient at your fingertips. To know more, see here.

Website & reputation management

kulcare help you go online and reach out to your patients, no matter where they are. You can create your own website, start building your reputation online, and get found on Google. To know more, see here.

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