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To find an existing patient record in kulcare, follow the steps below:

‘Patients’ screen shows the complete list of all the patients who have visited your clinic.
  1. Click ‘Patients‘ on the left menu
  2. Locate the search bar on the top left of the Patients screen
  3. Enter any characters from patient’s name, mobile number or ID
  4. kulcare will start to filter all the matching results below
  5. Type more characters to narrow down your search
  6. If there are a high number of matches, use the page numbers to navigate or try filtering further.
  7. You can further filter patients who visited you between any given dates by selecting the start & end dates of the period
To see patients from a single day, set the start & end date to the same date
You can view up to 100 patients on a single page by selecting the ‘Per page’ number
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