Managing your Google reviews

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Google allows customers to publicly post a review about their experience at your practice. One of the best ways to encourage future patients to leave a positive reviews is to respond to the current ones. Not only does leaving a response show your concern to the original reviewer, it also makes that positive review stand out on your listing & influences other people to leave their own reviews.

To manage your Google Reviews, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Click on “Manage reputation” from the left menu

Step 2: Select“On Google

Step 3: Go to the “Google Reviews” section

Step 4: Scroll & see a list of all the reviews from your patients on Google.

Be more patient if you do not have any Google reviews yet. It takes time to build online reputation.

Step 5: Select “Reply” to respond to the feedback and click Post Reply to publish it on Google.

Step 6: You can also delete your response by clicking the “Delete” button once your reply is posted. This can help correct any errors in your response & send a new response.

You should also respond to negative reviews to show you take it seriously and try to reduce unhappy patients. Make sure you’re courteous & professional.
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