Managing your kulcare reviews

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kulcare collects feedback from your patients via an SMS, once they are checked out of your queue on kulcare CMS. These reviews are available for you to see & respond to directly on your kulcare account.

To manage your kulcare reviews, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Click on “Manage reputation” from the left menu


Step 2: Select “On kulcare

STEP 3: Scroll & see a list of all the ratings & reviews from your patients on kulcare.

Be patient if you are new to kulcare & do not see any reviews yet. Always ‘check out‘ your patients on the CMS queue to ask them for feedback

STEP 4: Select “Reply” to respond to the feedback and click Post Reply to let the patient know.

You should also respond to negative reviews to show you take it seriously and try to reduce unhappy patients. Make sure you’re courteous & professional.
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