Merge Duplicate Patients

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Now you can merge the duplicate patients added to the clinic.
When you merge the patient details like name, age, gender, address etc. gets overwritten with that of the primary patient that you select.
  1. Login to your kulcare account
  2. Go to the patient’s tab
  3. Find a patient you want to merge
  4. Click on the merge icon next to the patient.
  5. Click on yes I want to proceed. Please be sure before proceeding because this is an irrevocable process.
  6. You will see all the patients with the phone number that matches that of the patient you selected. Select one or more patients you want to merge.
  7. On the next step select the primary profile you want to keep and merge the rest.
  8. Click on confirm the merge
  9. Your selected patients are now merged into a single patient.
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