Metrics to measure with Google Analytics

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To make the most out of your Google Analytics setup, look at the following metrics periodically


The most basic metric is Website Traffic which tells you how many people visit your website over a defined period of time.

Traffic Source

It shows the exact source of the traffic on your website, basically easy way to know which medium (social, direct, paid ads) are getting the most relevant traffic to your website.

Social Traffic

It shows a breakdown of your traffic from different social media channels. This lets you determine which social channel brings you the most traffic.


This tells you where your site’s visitors are located. You can devote more of your budget to marketing in locations that have the most interested users.

Age & Gender

These metrics show you the age range & genders of the visitors on your website.

Unique vs Returning users

It shows how many of your website visitors are new and how many of them are returning ones.

Top Pages

The Top Pages metric shows you exactly how your website pages are performing in terms of traffic, bounce rate, duration, etc.

Average Pages per visit

It shows you how many pages on average a visitor navigates to before leaving.

Average Time Spent

This metric shows you how much time (on average) a user spends on your website.

Exit Page

Exit Pages show you which is the last page that most of your traffic leaves from.

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