Onboarding your clinic

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Onboarding is only applicable for clinic owners signing up to create a clinic for the first time on kulcare

Once your clinic owner account has been verified, you are asked to input the clinic details. To onboard your clinic, follow the steps below:

Onboard your clinic

  1. Input the name of your clinic and your city. Proceed to next step
  2. We ask you about the primary doctor in your clinic
    1. If you are the primary doctor in the clinic, select ‘Yes
    2. If someone else is the primary doctor in the clinic, select ‘No

Add your primary doctor

  1. Input the doctor’s name & mobile number
  2. Input visiting times & patients seen per hour by the primary doctor
  3. Save the primary doctor details
  4. The doctor will receive an SMS invite link to sign up to kulcare
Clinic owner & staff can continue to take appointments & manage patients for a doctor added to the clinic. It is optional for the doctor to sign up to kulcare
You can add new doctors & visits times later under your clinic settings

Add your staff

  1. Input the staff personnel name & mobile number
  2. Save the staff details
  3. The staff will receive an SMS invite link to sign up to kulcare
Adding staff is optional for a clinic. You may skip the process.

You will now be redirected to a Start Guide. Follow the prompts to personalise kulcare for your practice.

To know more about personalising kulcare, follow this link

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