Patient SMS Alerts

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kulcare helps patients stay updated on their appointments, visits, follow ups & prescriptions every time they are added to a clinic. The list below details the SMS’s sent during a regular patient workflow.

Patient books an appointment

The patient receives a confirmation SMS detailing their date & time of appointment with the doctor & clinic name

Your appointment at <Your Clinic> for Dr. <Doctor Name> is scheduled for <Appointment Date> <Appointment Time>.

Patient appointment is updated

The patient receives a confirmation about the updated appointment date & time of their appointment.

Your appointment at <Your Clinic> for Dr. <Doctor Name> is changed to <Appointment Date> <Appointment Time>.

Patient gets added to queue

The patient receives a confirmation on the time to see the doctor. This is an indicative time for the patient to see the doctor

You are added to Dr. <Doctor Name>’s queue for <Appointment Date>. Approx time to see the doctor is <Appointment Time>

Patient status is changed to checked in

The patient receives a link to track their real-time visit to the doctor. The time is calculated & updated by the queue based on a number of factors.

Your approx time to see Dr. <Doctor Name> is <Appointment Time>. Check <Link to Queue updates>

Patient is checked out 

The patient receives a feedback link to rate their experience with comments

Please rate your recent experience at <Your Clinic> here <Link to feedback>

If you have issued a digital prescription to the patient, they also receive a link to download the kulcare Patients App.

Now save your latest prescription from Dr. <Doctor Name> forever. Download kulcare app to manage your health <shortlink>

Patient has a scheduled follow up tomorrow

The patient receives a SMS reminder to confirm/book their follow up appointment with the clinic.

Your follow up at <Your Clinic> is due tomorrow. Pls call the clinic at <Clinic Phone> to confirm or reschedule (if not already done)

Medicine reminders

If you have issued a digital prescription to the patient, they will receive reminders for the first 2 days at relevant times. They may choose to continue receiving reminders & notifications in kulcare Patient App.

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