Prescription Formats

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You can generate digital prescriptions for your patients using kulcare.  To make transition to digital prescriptions easier, kulcare provides the following prescription print formats:

Custom Layout

The custom layout format works best for clinics who want their own design over the prescription stationery. kulcare will print only the prescription matter, set within the margins provided by the clinic as per their design.

You can adjust the ‘Header Height’, ‘Footer Height’, ‘Left Margin’ & ‘Right Margin’ on ‘Custom’ layout, and get beautiful prescriptions on your own prescription pad.

kulcare Layout

The kulcare format works for clinics who do not have a custom prescription stationery. kulcare will print the header with clinic & doctor details, prescription matter & other follow up details, set within standard margins of a page.

You can choose “kulcare” layout to print your prescription on a plain paper, complete with your clinic name, logo, and other details set in kulcare.

To know more about how to select these layouts, click here
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