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Our Plans

kulcare offers standard plans with access to different modules. Clinics can buy a plan suited to their needs – whether it be for managing the clinic operations, speciality specific tools or managing clinic growth & reputation.

Selecting a plan

Selecting your plan is easy.

  1. Simply go to your accounts page and select a plan of your choice.
  2. Proceed to checkout with your billing details and pay using any online payment method.

Your Billing Details

kulcare needs the following details to subscribe you on a plan & issue invoices:

  1. Clinic Name
  2. Address
  3. City
  4. State
  5. Pincode
  6. GSTIN (optional)

Plan Expiry

Your selected plan will expire at the end of billing period. We do not renew expiring/expired plans automatically.

Upgrading your plan

Upgrading to a higher plan is easy, simply click ‘Upgrade‘, pay the difference in amount and it is done.

You can immediately begin using your new plan.

Plan upgrades are applied retrospectively from the first day of your latest billing period. Upgrading a plan will not add any days to your existing subscription.
If you are nearing the end of your ongoing billing period, please wait & choose the upgraded plan on your next billing cycle to avoid being charged full amount

Downgrading your plan

All plans, once activated, run to the end of their billing period. Downgrading is hence possible at the end of billing period. Simply pick the new plan of your choice and keep going.

Billing History

To see a history of your previous transactions & bills,

  1. Navigate to the “Transactions” section
  2. You can see all your payment transactions with kulcare


To view & download your invoice,

  1. Navigate to the “Transactions” section
  2. Click on the transaction date
  3. Once the invoice is displayed, click the ‘Download‘ button
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