Setting up your patient prescriptions

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kulcare helps you set up your patient’s prescription with observations, vitals, investigations, medications, diet & exercise recommendations, advice and next visit. You can also choose a layout for printing your prescription – either on your own stationery & prescription pads, or using blank stationery.

To set up your prescription preferences, follow the steps below:

  • Click ‘Settings’ on the left menu
  • Select ‘Clinic Settings’ from the drop down menu.
  • Go to the ‘Prescription’ section.
  • Check or uncheck the specific areas that you want to print on the patient’s prescription. e.g. you may choose to hide observations from being printed on the patient’s prescription. These will always be available for you to view in kulcare.
  • Select the layout of your prescription that you want to print. A custom layout will help you print on your own physical prescription pads, and kulcare layout will create a full prescription design for you.

You can adjust the ‘Header Height’, ‘Footer Height’, ‘Left Margin’ & ‘Right Margin’ on ‘Custom’ layout, and get beautiful prescriptions on your own stationery.

You can choose “kulcare” layout to print your prescription on a plain paper, complete with your clinic name, logo, and other details.




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