Tracking patients within the clinic

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The queue has built in status actions, so you can keep track of each patient in the clinic. The following status actions are available:

  1.  In Queue (or Booked) – when the patient is added to the queue, but is not available physically in the clinic. This is when a patient has booked an appointment for today or has booked a telephonic token time.
  2.  Checked In (or Waiting) – when the patient is available physically in the clinic, and is waiting to see the doctor
  3.  With Doc (or Consulting) – when the patient is with the doctor and is being examined/consulted
  4.  Checked Out (or Exited) – when the patient has physically moved out of the clinic after bills, payments & any medications
  5.  No show (or Cancelled) – when the patient did not arrive at the clinic even after an appointment or token.
It is a good practice to update the patient status on each movement. This helps kulcare to adjust and optimise times for other patients
Usually, a few patients will be ‘In Queue’ or ‘Checked Out’, some will be ‘Checked In’, one patient should be ‘With Doc’ and rarely ‘No Show’ at most times

Selecting the Doctor

With multiple doctors working at a clinic, each doctor will have their own queue. The reception can quickly switch between each doctor to manage their individual queues. To switch doctor queues, follow the steps below :

  1. Click ‘Queueon the left menu
  2. Select the respective doctor from the drop down list on top left
Reception staff can open multiple browser tabs, one for each doctor, to manage their queue

To update status for a patient:

  1. Open ‘Queue‘ from the left menu
  2. Each patient has a drop down for their status. 
  3. You can change the status for each patient as per their current activity

You can also filter the patients as per current activity. To do this

  1. Select the status of your choice from the drop down list on the top right of queue
  2. After you select your required status, the patient list is filtered according to it. e.g. If you select “Checked In”, the queue will only show patients who have checked-in.
Doctors can directly open the Queue filtered ‘With Doc’ to see their incoming patient
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