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ABHA Health Card Registration online | Ayushman Bharat Health Account (ABHA) ID

The National Health Authority inaugurated the Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission (ABDM) to build a digital health ecosystem across India. Through ABDM, the Government wants to support healthcare facilities going digital so that Indian citizens can reap the benefits and get access to medical care. 

Under ABDM, the digital healthcare solutions of hospitals across India can be linked. This digital ecosystem simplifies medical care through virtual consultations, easy access to patient medical records, and more.

To get in sync with ABDM and reap its benefits, hospitals, doctors, clinics, and other facilities must use a digital platform. Kulcare is one of India’s first ABDM-certified healthcare platforms that helps healthcare institutes with digitization conveniently. Also, patients can enroll on our platform for their ABHA Health Card and access digital healthcare without the need of physical appointments.

What is the Ayushman Bharat Health Account? It is a digital, flexible, and portable account that allows individuals and families to store funds specifically for healthcare expenses. With this account, you can contribute a certain amount of money regularly, which can be used to cover medical treatments, hospitalization, and even preventive care.

Ayushman Bharat Health Account (ABHA) ID 

The Ayushman Bharat Health Card or Health ID was undertaken by the Government of India under ABDM to provide Indian citizens with a single database that stores all their medical records and data. The records are accessible only with the consent of the individual and are a highly secure account. 

The 14-digit ABHA ID number helps identify citizens, authenticate, and share health records  with healthcare service providers. An ABHA ID is vital to store your health records across healthcare providers including  Kulcare.

Create ABHA Health Id Card Online

1. Visit the official website of Abha health card services.

2. Look for the option to register for a new health card online.

3. Click on the registration link and fill out the online registration form.

4. Provide your details, such as full name, date of birth, nationality, gender, contact information, etc.

5. Specify the type of health card you wish to register for (individual, family, etc.).

6. Upload any required documents, such as a copy of your ID, passport, or residence permit.

7. Review the information you provided and make sure it is accurate.

8. Submit the registration form.

9. Pay any applicable fees for the health card registration online.

10. Wait for confirmation of your registration via email or SMS

Create an ABHA ID using either (Aadhar Card or Driving Licence) on Kulcare

Follow these steps to register for the ABHA Health Card

Aadhar Card –

1. Consent Collection – Enter your Aadhaar number & give consent

2. Aadhaar Authentication

3. Communication Details – Enter your communication details

4. ABHA Address Creation

Driving Licence – 

1. Consent – Provide your mobile no. and give consent

2. Mobile Authentication

3. Profile collection – Provide the necessary details to complete your profile.

4. Process completion

Safer & Efficient Digital Healthcare

Digital Records – Access everything from admission, treatment, discharge, prescriptions, etc. digitally. 

Consent-Based Access – Your healthcare data can be accessed by health facilities only after you provide them with consent to do so.

Highly Secure & Private – Use of high security and encryption techniques to ensure privacy of data. 

Personal Health Records – Link Personal Health Records with your ABHA ID to make your complete healthcare history.  

Easy, All-Inclusive Access – Anyone with smartphones or even smaller feature phones can access their digital records and proper assistance is provided.

Health Facility Registry (HFR)

Healthcare Facility Registry is an online repository featuring healthcare facilities across India. It includes private as well as public health facilities including clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, imaging centers, and diagnostic labs.

Register with HFR on Kulcare

1. Generate your Healthcare Professional ID – Register using Aadhar or any other KYC

2. Search the Required Facility – Send request to get the facility assigned by state/district admin

3. Fill Registration Form – Fill with facility details, services offered, and infrastructure details once the facility is assigned.

4. Register the HIP – At this stage please connect with us 8620050100 (Kulcare Support) for the HRP Bridge Id

4. Submit form – Submit form for verification

Expand Your Practice

Unique & Trustworthy Identity – Identification facility for health facilities across the ABDM Ecosystem

Expand Presence & Discoverability – Health facilities listed on national platform with greater online presence and discoverability by citizens

Ease of Business – Digitization that reduces registration and renewal of licences, listing with insurance companies, TPAs for health facilities

Holistic Digital Services – Complete access to telemedicine, HMIS solutions, and digital health records

Sign up to Kulcare & be a part of the ABDM Digital Healthcare Ecosystem. If you run a healthcare facility, register with HFR through our platform. If you are a patient looking for holistic digital healthcare, create your ABHA ID on Kulcare and get started now.