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Generate income while meeting the needs of your patients. Four key features of our free practice management suite give you everything you need during a COVID-19 surge.

COVID-19 essentials

1️⃣ A link to book appointments2️⃣ Virtual consultations3️⃣ Safe queuing and waiting rooms4️⃣ Touch-free billing and records

1️⃣  Booking link

Busy patients want to book appointments online and on their own hours. We provide you with a custom link that you can send to all your patients and allow them to book both virtual and in-person appointments.

Allowing patients to book outside business hours greatly increases engagement. Add virtual visits and now you can maintain consistent revenue.

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2️⃣  Telemedicine

Keep your practice busy and your patients safe with remote consultations. Start seeing patients and collecting payment today with our best-in-class telemedicine platform:

  • Get started with a simple link—no logins, passwords, or hassle.
  • Take payment before or after the consult.
  • Write digital prescriptions easily during the video consultation.
  • Works on any device.
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3️⃣  Safe queuing and waiting rooms

Keep your patients safe with Smart Queuing and appointment scheduling.

  • Facilitate social distancing through less crowded waiting rooms.
  • Relieve patient anxiety caused by uncertain wait times.
  • Create a stress-free environment for clinic staff and allow them to focus on patient safety.
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4️⃣  Touch-free records and billing

Limit physical contact with digital payments and record-keeping tools:

  • Collect easy digital payments anytime, anywhere
  • Use your private QR code to upload records, protecting your contact information while digitizing and organizing the patient’s records
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