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Kulcare is ABDM compliant

Kulcare is now Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission client

Unique & Trustworthy Identity

Identification facility for health facilities across the ABDM Ecosystem

Expand Presence & Discoverability

Health facilities listed on national platform with greater online presence and discoverability by citizens

Ease of Business

Digitization that reduces registration and renewal of licenses, listing with insurance companies, TPAS for health facilities

Holistic Digital Services

Complete access to telemedicine, HMIS solutions, and digital health records

kulcare seal of privacy

Privacy Preserved, Trust Earned – A testament to our unwavering commitment to safeguarding your information

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    Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission (ABDM)

    Kulcare is one of India’s first ABDM-certified healthcare platforms that helps healthcare institutes with digitization conveniently. The National Health Authority inaugurated the Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission (ABDM) to build a digital health ecosystem across India. Through ABDM, the Government wants to support healthcare facilities going digital so that Indian citizens can reap the benefits and get access to medical care.

    Under ABDM, the digital healthcare solutions of hospitals across India can be linked. Within this digital ecosystem, medical care is simplified through virtual consultations, easy access to patient medical records, and more.

    doctor consult online

    Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission (ABDM)

    Health Facility Registry (HFR)

    Healthcare Facility Registry is an online repository featuring healthcare facilities across India. It includes private as well as public health facilities including clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, imaging centres, and diagnostic labs.

    Healthcare Professionals Registry (HPR)

    Healthcare Professionals Registry (HPR) is a comprehensive repository of registered and verified practitioners delivering modern as well as traditional healthcare services across India.

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    Create an ABHA number using either (Aadhar Card or Driving Licence) on Kulcare

    Aadhar Card –

    1. Consent Collection – Enter your Aadhaar number & give consent
    2. Aadhaar Authentication
    3. Communication Details – Enter your communication details
    4. ABHA Address Creation

    Driving Licence –

    1. Consent – Provide your mobile no. and give consent
    2. Mobile Authentication
    3. Profile collection – Provide the necessary details to complete your profile.
    4. Process completion

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      Safer & Efficient Digital Healthcare

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      Digital Records

      Access everything from admission, treatment, discharge, prescriptions, etc. digitally.

      Highly Secure & Private

      Use of high security and encryption techniques to ensure privacy of data.
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      Easy, All-Inclusive Access

      Anyone with smartphones or even smaller feature phones can access their digital records and proper assistance is provided.

      Consent-Based Access

      Your healthcare data can be accessed by health facilities only after you provide them with consent to do so.

      Personal Health Records

      Link Personal Health Records with your ABHA ID to make your complete healthcare history.
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