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Tale of a Girl Embracing Her Periods with Strength & Grace

“Women don’t want to be restricted during their period, they want to continue doing the things they would normally do.” – Serena Williams. 

The menstrual cycle often has a taboo around it, but still, it’s natural in women and must be embraced with strength and empowerment. It’s high time for women to break this stigma, being confident and positive during their periods. 

This story of a 26-year old girl, Niti, will definitely inspire you with the strength and beauty of having periods as a woman.

Day 1 – Snack Bandits

Work, sleep, wakeup, work, sleep, this was the daily routine of the hardworking girl who lived with her mother. Even with many responsibilities on her, Niti was a bubbly girl, always happy and cheerful with everyone. Last Wednesday, she woke up as usual, got ready for work, ate breakfast, and headed out for the bus stand.


Speaking to her sister during the bus ride, she reached her stop and walked to her office building. As she reached her seat, she switched on her system and greeted her bestie sitting right next to her. Working and chilling together, Niti told her friend that she was on her periods and got the response, ‘Girl, Me Too’. 

It was funny the way period dates can sync with one’s bestie. The ladies each drank an extra cup of tea and took two short breaks from work just to grab their favourite munchies from the canteen. She had found the perfect partner to hunt for snacks during period cravings.

Day 2 – Highest of Highs, Lowest of Lows

The sun rose the next day, and it was the same daily routine for Niti. She reached her office and took her seat, and said hello to her friend next to her. As it was Thursday, there was a team members’ meeting scheduled after lunch and there was not much workload at that moment. It was the perfect time for some gossip and timepass. 


Niti was in a lovely mood since morning and not a single thought regarding her periods came across her mind. Giggling and laughing, telling her friend about a movie she watched recently, Niti’s expression changed as she could feel the heavy flow of Day2 ! She had to mask it with a stupid smile! Just by the change in her tone and changed mood, even her friend got to know about it. 


All of a sudden, Niti got into a gleamy mood and started overthinking about her life and problems. Even during lunch, she sat by herself and there was a look of sadness on her face. She had even forgotten about the team meeting,  and as soon as lunch was over, she got a text from her team leader regarding the meeting. Niti had totally forgotten about it and was not in the mood to attend it all. 


Right from being cheerful and ecstatic all through the morning, without any worry about her period, her entire mood had changed and she was really worried. Still, she picked herself up and made her way to the conference room. All her seniors and team members were seated, Niti faked a smile and took to her seat among them. Even though her periods were taking a toll on her body and she was not in the right state to sit in the meeting, she gathered enough courage to sit through. Niti was spot on with her assessment on the ongoing projects at work and laid out a perfect plan for her team members to tackle their tasks. 


She knew work is important and this meeting was important to establish her seat at the table , she had no time for period pain!. Even through all the period body pain, cravings, mood swings, and all, Niti stayed strong throughout and got her work done efficiently.

Day 3 – Impromptu Travel Buddies

So finally, it was Friday, and Niti had planned to visit the hills of Shimla with 3 of her office buddies and one old college friend of hers. It had been a long time since she last got time for some travel in her busy life, and she was very excited. The happiness and anticipation was so high that she had totally forgotten about her ongoing periods, and the troubles that come with it.


The first half of her day went as usual, she went to work and got off on a half day leave. Reaching back home, she fed her dog Zimmy, and then called her mom to help her with packing her stuff. It was a short 2-day trip but still she overpacked with her favourite clothes and dresses. Girls and overpacking for trips, it goes hand-in-hand. 


One thing that was skipping Niti’s mind were her periods and they sent her a subtle reminder. Her packing was almost done when her period flow  gave her a starter jerk and she could feel the flow. Right away, she thought that she won’t let her periods spoil this trip for her. She went to her neighbourhood chemist store and stocked up on sanitary pads, meds, and other supplies . 


Her periods were still on, and she wanted to stay ready for them on her trip. Instead of feeling down and cancelling her plans, Niti decided that her periods would be her travel partner on this trip. At 4 PM, her friends arrived outside her home, she entered the car and their tour to Shimla was on. Three girls and two boys, blasting soulful music and cracking silly jokes, were cruising through the route. 


Around 9 PM, they reached their hotel and made themselves comfortable in their rooms. Niti was really hungry by this time and she devoured dinner like a monster. Her period cravings were in full force and she wanted a piece of everything she could see, especially the tasty desserts on offer. After spending some time on the balcony and gazing at the sky full of stars, all of them went to sleep. For the next day, they had planned a short trek to a nearby temple, and it was going to be exciting.

Day 4 – Red Tracks

On Saturday morning, Niti woke up early and could feel the fresh mountain breeze across her face. Being down since the last 3 days, it was the perfect moment to freshen up and rejuvenate herself. She woke her friends up, all of them had breakfast, and it was time to embark on their trek. The sunshine was crisp and the walk was feeling really good in the beginning. Having a really fun and enjoyable time with friends was doing wonders for Niti and there was not a worry in her mind, especially about her period.


Around 5-7 minutes into the trek, tragedy arrived, and she could feel the flow. The problem was that her pads overflew and her favourite pair of track pants got stained red on the trek. It was a really embarrassing situation and she didn’t want to continue the trek. Her mind was telling her to go back but her heart was pushing her to continue. Niti called one of her friend who was a bit ahead of her and told her about the situation. 


True friends are there for you through thick and thin, and Niti’s friend accompanied her back to the hotel right from the middle of the trek. Niti went to her room, washed herself, changed her pants, and came back out. Within 20 minutes, they had joined their group and were back on track. Again, her periods were trying their best to spoil her day. Her emotions were playing with her and she was caught up in a bit of stress. Still, nothing could stop her from having a blast.


Although Niti was experiencing so many ups and downs thanks to her periods, her male friends were having the time of their lives. During the car ride, at the hotel, and now on the trek, they were cheerful and happy throughout. Cracking jokes, playing with the lovely mountain dogs, and cheering up the entire group while walking, both guys were loving it. This was the moment when Niti thought that men are so lucky that they don’t get periods. Still, she was proud of being a woman and how she tackled the hard times every month when her period occurs. 


Reaching the temple, the group offered their prayers to the almighty, except Niti, the woes of being on her period. After spending some relaxing time there, they made their way back to their hotel. All in all, it was a great experience, and to top it all off, the hotel served a delicious and tasty dinner buffet for guests. Niti really ate till her heart’s satisfaction and after another day of her battle with her periods, she went off to sleep.

Day 5 – Women Are Strong. Period.

Niti and her friends woke up a bit late on Sunday and it was almost time to check out from their hotel. After eating breakfast and getting ready, they said their goodbyes to the hotel staff, and were ready to go back home. During the journey, all of them talked about the nice time they had, the silly moments, and the fun time they had on their trip. 


Around 1:30 PM, she reached her home, greeted her mom and cuddled with her dog. After a tiring trip, she was grateful for Sunday as it meant no work. Next, she took on a power nap and woke up in the evening. She hadn’t been to her gym for the past 3 days and made up her mind to go and train. Also, Niti had eaten a lot of junk food and desserts thanks to her period cravings, and her stamina had also taken a hit. She wanted to streamline her workout routine again and be as fit as possible.


The first thing she did upon reaching the gym was hit some cardio. After that, she was making her way to the weight room, but again, her periods decided to make the presence felt and she felt the flow. Niti had totally forgotten about it and was completely focused on her workout. She made her way to the restroom, waited 10-15 minutes there, and was about to leave for home. 


However, she thought that in the past five days, she had tackled every problem in her face and went about her day. Why not do the same again? Again, she gathered herself, found her strength, and carried on with some light weight exercises for today. Wow, what a lady she is, Niti. Periods or not, it doesn’t matter to her, because she accepts reality and is always ready for the challenge. You should do the same too!!


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Telemedicine? Teleconsultation? Tele What?

Giving and receiving care via video conference or phone is not a new concept. Telemedicine has been around for quite a while. In the current COVID-19 times, Telemedicine has become necessary to keep patients and practitioners safe. Today, finding a telemedicine provider is not a hassle, but finding one that just works for different bandwidths and devices can be a challenge.

But when you choose the best telemedicine software, you can get all the benefits and none of the hassle.

What is Telemedicine?

According to NCBI, Telemedicine uses digital information communication technologies to offer and support healthcare to remote patients. 

So, basically, Telemedicine is exchanging medical information between patients and doctors using electronic communication. It involves certain software to offer clinical service to patients remotely. The technology used in Telemedicine is used for remotely providing medication management, management of chronic conditions, and follow-up visits via secure audio and video connections.

Uses of Telemedicine for Doctors and Patients

Doctor and patients can use Telemedicine for various purpose such as:

  • To assess if a patient requires treatment in person.
  • To offer certain kinds of medical care such as assessments for minor infections and mental health treatment.
  • Renew or write prescriptions
  • Provide specific types of therapy such as physical and speech therapy.

Benefits of Telemedicine Solution Providers

  • Get Easy Access to Specialist

Let’s face it, not everyone has a constant ongoing relationship with their physician. People only call their physician when they require medical help. However, with Telemedicine, you can get access to all kinds of specialists round-the-clock without an appointment.

  • Increase Revenue

Telemedicine allows physicians and providers to expand their reach beyond their premises and local neighborhood. Providers can maximize their reach, especially  in remote or underserved areas.

  • Cost Saving

With a full suite online clinic management system, you don’t need a physical clinic to practice medicine. Kulcare, a reliable telemedicine solution, lets you run a virtual clinic from anywhere. It enables patients to do on-demand visits, scheduling, and booking. It allows them to manage their patients, digitize workflow, provide video consultation, and more for the health care providers.

  • Improves Patient engagement

Today, COVID-19 has impacted the lives of many people. Lack of information and access to medical facilities have become a harsh reality. Luckily, the best telemedicine solution providers use remote monitoring in order to improve outcomes while cutting costs. Telehealth reports patient metrics from the comfort of their home while remote teams act like counselors and coaches to engage patients towards their health journey.

  • Better Patient Care Quality

Telemedicine provides patient-centric approaches such as improved care timeliness. This is essential to quality patient care as it addresses healthcare issues immediately. Moreover, they will learn more about treatment within a few minutes.


Undoubtedly over the next decade, Telemedicine with its clear benefits will increase its reach. In the current COVID-19 pandemic, when there are several treatment barriers, the best telemedicine solution providers in India provide medical care facilities to patients living far away from a medical care facility or to those who are unable to transport themselves.

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Healthcare systems that are pondering about implementing telemedicine solutions should contact industry experts. Kulcare, a leading telemedicine solution provider in India, offers various practical solutions for practices that want to add Telemedicine to their healthcare clinic and make the integration more seamless.


Make the RIGHT CALL for your Practice!

A hassle-free video consultation feature is the need of the hour. With the ongoing pandemic situation, a face-to-face doctor appointment is difficult. But your patients need continued care. Therefore, Video Consultation is the most apt and safest way to keep your patients healthy. And, maintain & enhance the doctor-patient relationship.

At Kulcare, we provide you with an integrated smart telemedicine platform to take video call appointments with your patients from anywhere.


For your patients – Video consultation saves time, reduces travel expenses, and is the most convenient way in these difficult times. We have made it simple enough for your patients as they do not need to download any application to take the call. Book an appointment for them from kulcare and they can take the call from the link sent to them in an SMS. It is easy, fast and secure.


For you – the video calling feature breaks all the geographical boundaries. Maintain your regular patients and reach new ones from anywhere and anytime. You have the freedom to select when to take the payment from the patient and get it directly into your bank account after completing the consultation. Connected with the telemedicine is our lightening fast digital prescription module. Create and send prescriptions digitally within seconds after the consultation.

And lastly, you can take the video calls from your laptop, desktop, tablet or your mobile phone.


So, this pandemic, use our Video Calling services to keep your patients healthy!