When one goes to the hospital, the first question that a doctor asks is about your medical history. You will tell the detail that was easy to remember but detailing everything becomes hard. This is when the ABHA platform comes into role. The platform maintains the medical history of all the registered citizens.

The government of India has launched Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission on 27th September 2021. This initiative has been taken by the government to digitalize the healthcare system.

 What is meant by an ABHA card?

The ABHA (Ayushman Bharat Health Account) card is a unique identification number introduced by the Indian government. The card is a gateway to a wide range of healthcare service benefits provided to cardholders across the entire India. This number is an identifier that makes it easier and more convenient to handle all the medical records. These unique numbers enable one to get access to all the government schemes, insurance policies, and other healthcare facilities.

ABHA Card Registration OnlineFurthermore, there is no need to maintain all the records of expenses and processes you have gone through throughout your medical history. You can easily access all these records using the ABHA card number.

How to do Abha Health Card Registration Online!!!

Creating an ABHA health card is quite a simple process. All you need is your Aadhar card or driver’s license. You should also have the mobile number with you that is associated with your Aadhar card. Let’s hop in to know the process for Abha Health Card Registration Online.

  1. First of all, visit the official website of ABHA card registration.
  2. On the homepage, click on the button saying “Create ABHA number”.
  3. When you click on this, you will find two options.
  4. One will be “Create your ABHA number using an Aadhaar card” and another one will be “Create your ABHA number using a Driving License”.
  5. You have to select either one of the options. Here, we assume that you select the option of using your Aadhar number.
  6. So, here you need to enter your unique Aadhaar card number.
  7. Once you successfully enter the Aadhaar card number, you will receive an OTP to the phone number connected with the Aadhaar card. Complete the authentication process using this OTP.
  8. Your ABHA ID details will be filled by default from your UID card. Confirm the details to complete the ABHA card registration
  9. This is how you can simply create your ABHA health card number.


What are the benefits of an ABHA card?

Here is a list of benefits of the ABHA card. 


  • Paperless medical records 

Once your medical history is connected to the ABHA number, you can retrieve it anytime online saving you from the hassle of keeping hundreds of documents of your medical history. It works like a one-stop repository with accurate information. Additionally, you can get treatment from any corner of India by accessing the medical records.

  • Easy access to healthcare 

You can easily get treatment from websites like Kulcare. The application is integrated with ABDM to avail teleconsultation. Here, doctors can easily check your medical history and can provide medical consultation.

  • Easy registration 

The Abha health card registration online process is very simple. One can easily create an ABHA number by following the easy to follow steps written above.

  • Get healthcare benefits 

ABHA ID card is linked to several healthcare benefits including health insurance schemes. Additionally, the card ensures that the healthcare provider follows all the rules and regulations and stays transparent. Healthcare professionals won’t be able to charge higher.

Several AYUSH treatment facilities like Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha, and Homoeopathy are also associated with it.

Who can create an ABHA ID?

To create an ABHA ID, one must be a citizen of India.


ABHA is a digital healthcare initiave taken by the government to connect the entire healthcare system of India. One can easily create and use an ABHA card ID using the above-written procedure. Visit the Kulcare website to get complete access to telemedicine, HMIS solutions, and digital health records. They are Ayushman Bharat digital mission clients offering excellent healthcare services while sitting at home. One can also create an ABHA ID by clicking on the “Create your ABHA ID” button present on the website. So, it is time for you to reap the benefits and get access to healthcare facilities with ease.