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Stay connected to colleagues and up-to-date on news that matters to your practice. Plus free virtual tools that make your life a bit easier.

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Virtual visits made easy

Conduct secure telemedicine visits and collect payment with just a few easy clicks!

  • Collect payment
  • Safe & Secure
  • Digital Rx
  • Automatic alerts
  • Schedule ahead
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Write, send and track digital Rx

Save time, eliminate errors, and delight your patients with digital Rx.

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doctor consult online and prescription
Smart Billing

Let patients easily share their records with you

With just a few clicks, patients can securely upload their records to you, protecting your contact information and organizing your records.

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Send easy-to-pay bills to any patient, any time

From collecting prepayment for virtual consults to providing patients a digital method to pay their bills, our payment tool makes collecting fast and easy.

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Smart billing
Provide care anytime, anywhere

Get news that matters to you

Stay up to date on news that matters to your practice with your own personalized newsfeed.

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Our mission is to make doctors lives easier

We're building tools that simplify doctors' day-to-day workflows so they can focus on what they do best--care for patients. And by reducing friction between doctor and patient, we aim to improve healh care access, affordability, and efficacy systemwide.

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