OPD Management That Frees Up Time and Supercharges Your Practice

Treat your patients remotely with easy video visits and payment collection.

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Delight patients

Improve patient wait times & satisfaction

With smart queuing, online booking, and automated notifications, your patients are happier and more likely to return.

  • Relieve patient anxiety caused by uncertain wait times.
  • Facilitate social distancing through less crowded waiting rooms
  • Create a stress-free environment for clinic staff and allow them to focus on important tasks

smart queue

Advanced queue management

Manage walk-ins with real-time appointment adjustments and automated patient notifications. Keep your waiting room clear and social-distanced while delighting your patients.


Get more consults with online booking

Easily integrate an online booking tool and allow patients to book appointments by themselves, returning valuable time back to your staff. Allowing patients to book outside business hours greatly increases engagement.

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Digitize and track every visit

Create and update electronic medical records for every patient and every service you provide.


Easily upload patient records

With just a few clicks, patients can securely upload records using your private QR code. This protects your contact information while digitizing and organizing the patient’s records.

Smarter and easier billing

Decrease no-shows with automated reminders

Send automated appointment reminders by SMS or email. Include start-time, location details and even special instructions.

Safety & Security

Always secure & compliant

Your patient records, communications, and payments are always secure on our XYZ.

"Kulcare's excellent OPD platform has transformed our practice."

Dr. Nikhil Shandilya

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